Linux Summit 2004
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GNU/Linux Summit 2004 - Call for Papers

Proposals are now being accepted for presentations at the next GNU/Linux Summit, in February 2004.

Topics and Format

The GNU/Linux Summit 2004 will combine three distinct but related "tracks", each aimed at a particular interest group:

  • GNU/Linux in Business - presentations and case studies describing the use of GNU/Linux and Open Source in commercial environments
  • Open Source Arena - a general forum for discussion of the Open Source software model
  • Training sessions - short workshops on specific, technical topics

Proposals for speeches and presentations are welcomed for the following topics:

  1. GNU/Linux in Business
    • Open Source business case studies
    • GNU/Linux business case studies
    • Estimating the effect on TCO
    • Risks, gains and losses
  2. The Open Source Arena
    • Business models
    • Legal aspects
    • Security issues
    • Idealism
    • Philosophy
    • Propaganda
  3. Training sessions, 1 day (8 x 45 minutes)
    • the Linux kernel
    • Databases
    • Security
    • Programming and scripting languages
    • Networking and communications
    • Desktop and windowing systems
    • GNU/Linux in office environment
    • GNU/Linux in server use
    • Developing on GNU/Linux

Presentations for all tracks are to be 45 minutes in length, and must include a 1-page executive summary (or abstract).

Submitting your proposal

Please email your proposal to the organizing committee at, and include the following information in plain text format:

  • Speaker's name
  • E-mail address
  • Organization
  • Postal address
  • Telephone and fax numbers, in international format
  • Biography (a few lines)
  • Amount of travel and accommodation financing requested

The final submission must include the presentation material as an attachment, in either PDF or SOT Office/Open Office format. Presentation material will be archived at following the GNU/Linux Summit. Please ensure that you are able to comply with this policy.

Some financial assistance is available to help with speakers' travel and accommodation. Please indicate in your summary if you require such assistance. Financial assistance may be withdrawn in the event that final submissions are not accepted, or that the presentation cannot be held as agreed.